воскресенье, 12 мая 2013 г.

Yoghurts with glass got to the shops in Slovak Republic

Slovakia solves Food scandal, which concerns the yoghurt produced in Zvolen. During production, to them were pieces of glass and, notwithstanding the disposal of these products, goods went on sale.

As reported TV Markiza, yogurt is sold in Zilina. Competent authorities drew the attention of dissatisfied customers.

It is in Žilina be harmful yogurt destroyed. But this obviously did not happen.

"We have received a document from a rendering plant in Zilina, that the goods were destroyed," said Agriculture Minister Jahnatek. Also yogurt manufacturer maintains that all yogurts gave a rendering plant in Zilina for disposal.

Minister of Agriculture stated that these yogurts are illegally manipulated. "The receipts had yogurt with that lot. It seems that there is a very financially lucrative fraud, "said Jahnátek. Keeping rendering on the case did not respond.

Veterinarians say that there is a threat to human health and the culprit can expect a heavy fine. How to get yogurt on sale, must be investigated by the police.

The manufacturer wants to defend his name legally. "We are ready to do all necessary legal action against persons or unduly interfering with our products, and so could damage the reputation of our company and brand," the company said in a statement.