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Kentucky Derby 2013

Kentucky Derby 2013

Kentucky Derby - is one of the most prestigious and biggest events held during two weeks in Lewisville. It's a race for one whole and one-quarter mile on behalf of the racetrack of Churchill, which are eligible only breed thoroughbred horses three years of age. This is the first stage of the competition in the U.S. Triple Crown.

This event is known as the "greatest two minutes in sports," for the average length of the races themselves, as well as the "Race for the Roses" because the winner awarded a lush blanket of 554 roses.

It is also worth noting that in the event includes not only the race, but also concerts, fashion shows, parties, racing on the balloons, parade, wine tasting, etc.

  The important point for the event are established for more than a century of tradition. For example,  Mint Julep is official drink of the festival. It is a blend of bourbon, mint and sugar syrup. No less important is the song "My Old Kentucky Home", sounding at the time of entry of horses at the hippodrome track.

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