воскресенье, 12 мая 2013 г.

Monaco wants to grow into the sea

Principality of Monaco is on its two square kilometers crowded. Wants therefore about six hectares expand and towards the sea. There plans to build luxury apartments to attract a variety of international clients. Nearby marine reserve but wants to keep.

Little state recently announced a public competition for the design of the extension, the first stage will be the construction of a vast undersea plates worth one billion euros. Everything has to be done in 2024.

On the map of Monaco coast government has already earmarked an area where there might be a new district, adjacent to the convention and cultural center of the Grimaldi Forum. Prince Albert II. However, vowed that the marine environment will remain unaffected.

Just twenty meters to the right of future district but begins Larvotto Marine Reserve, which is the pride of the principality. It hides in her very rich biodiversity and live there mnohopiláci, genus Posidonia sea plants or mussels Kyjovka scaly, says government adviser on ecology Marie-Pierre Gramagliová. And just forty meters left lying underwater cave where they live corals, which need oxygen, he said.

Between these two worlds has protected grow up to ten years, new district with six to ten-storey buildings, which will be luxury apartments, an underwater park, shops, offices and marina. In total there will be 60 000 square meters of floor space.

The designer, who wins the tender, will have to build some depth in the sixty-foot pedestal that can keep all these buildings.

In exchange for this huge investment will have a winning company the right to build there, even though the state will have to cede some of the built and unbuilt areas. The designer will then have a year to ensure that the State of Monaco negotiate details of the project.

Principality in 2008 had to abandon plans to expand its territory into the sea, twice larger than the current one. The main reason was the economic crisis, but also close to the Marine Reserve.

According to the head of Monaco's Minister Michel Roger is launching a new project now possible because Monaco longer escape from the crisis. "We came back on a sound footing," he says. The project, according to him "optimistic act against the economic future of the country."

In Monaco has virtually no undeveloped area and old buildings Demolitions to their place to build higher buildings.