пятница, 10 мая 2013 г.

English paraglider miraculously survived, "landing" on the electric wire

In the east of England experienced paraglider made an unsuccessful "landing" right on live electrical wires at 11 thousand volts. Fortunately, amateur survived, but without burning not done. However, it could end up much worse, not only for himself, writes The Daily Mail.

Caught in the wire slings, 30-year-old Daniel (he called the newspaper only his first name) was in a very uncomfortable position, entangled in the dome of the paraglider. The situation is complicated by the fact that at any moment he could get a fatal electric shock. And besides, if someone tried to help him and touched him - just got to electric discharge.

Free and jump to the ground, Daniel was able to just 10 minutes. He escaped with burns of the arms and legs and was hospitalized, but the next day sent home. One eyewitness, who shot the dramatic moments on camera, said that, according to the paraglider, the one hanging on wires, he felt like "the electricity passes through the body."

Himself a lover of extreme sports, a businessman in real life, has admitted that he is to blame for what happened. He says that descended after the other, and only noticed the wire at the last moment, when it was impossible to dodge. And before the flight was due Englishman safety briefing.

The head of the local center of air sports (Cambridgeshire) Nigel Davies says that is a "strange incident" happened for the first time in seven years of its existence.

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