понедельник, 13 мая 2013 г.

The work of the Prague metro was paralyzed because of dog in a tunnel

In Prague, the working week began with an incident in the subway. ITAR-TASS, the movement of trains from the line was temporarily paralyzed because of the dog.

RBC said that an incident report was received about 08:00 local time. The dog ran into the tunnel at the station "Ládví".

When he saw the animal on the tracks, the driver of one of the trains reported it to the dispatcher. After that, the movement of all trains were stopped and passengers had to wait for the four-legged intruder did not get caught.

To do this on the subway profit dog handlers who catch the dog and the dog was sent to an orphanage. The whole operation took them almost 40 minutes. Only after hundreds of passengers languishing at the stations were able to finally go on.

Meanwhile, employees of the orphanage, after examining the dog, was surprised to find that she had previously visited them twice. If the police can find the owner of the animal, he could face a large fine for violation of the rules for maintenance pets.