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 THE HEAT - Sandra Bullock New Movie

Uptight FBI extraordinary agent Sarah Ashburn is matched with testy Boston cop Shannon Mullins with a specific end goal to bring down a merciless pill ruler. The hitch: not, one or the other lady has ever had an accomplice - or a companion besides.

Previously, you could read the news under the name Sandra Bullock to star in a new comedy, as well as see photos from the shooting of the movie. Some time ago, the Internet came the official trailer for the film "Interrogation with passion" (original movie called "Heat"), and now there is a version with a Russian translation of the trailer. In the trailer, a lot of very cool moments, and he cheers up. Glad to see your favorite actress in the lead role of the new film, and are looking forward to his appearance on the screens of our vast country. See the movie trailer online, you can look online. Do not forget to share your impressions about the new film, which starred Sandra.

January 9, 2013 Sandra Bullock won the award for "Favorite humanitarian activities" at People's Choice 2013 (People's Choice) for his generous charitable activities throughout the entire film career. The ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Note that the actress received the award for the first time in the history of awards. Award was presented by Sandra her co-star Miss Congeniality 2. Armed and dangerous - Regina King. As part of the ceremony showed a short clip where Sandra visits the rehabilitation of schools, "Warren Easton" and met with students and teachers. Also, there is a more detailed video report about this school and Sandra. Since 2006, the actress has invested more than four million dollars and helped raise funds for the reconstruction of the school. In addition, the actress joined the board of trustees and became an honorary member of the Hall of Fame of the institution. More than that, Bullock intends to continue to help the school in the future.

We add that, in addition Sandra sacrificed repeatedly for 1 million dollars to the Red Cross, and in 2010 donated the same amount to help the victims after the earthquake in Haiti, and in 2011 - Japan.

It is likely that this is not the only stories with charity Bullock, but the ones that are known. We suggest you take a look photo of the actress with a well-deserved award!

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