среда, 8 мая 2013 г.

Prince Charles shop is the victim of the economic difficulties in Great Britain

Britain's Prince Charles store that sells organic vegetables, became a victim of the recession - because of the difficulties of the economy of the United Kingdom member of the royal family had to close the outlet, reports Reuters.

Vegetables from the farm to His Majesty were sold at a price higher than the competition. And after failing to make a profit, The Veg Shed shop in Gloucestershire, not far from the residence, had to close. However, a box of organic vegetables under the brand name Prince is still available on the internet.

So the store owner responded to current trends - customers now prefer to shop remotely.

Agriculture Prince Charles started in 1986, his shop has existed for about eight years. The Veg Shed was known that the owner was selling vegetables and fruits are of irregular shape, which probably would have been rejected at the supermarket.