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Facebook users underestimate their audience

Facebook users underestimate their audience

Almost everyone knows what his online friends in Facebook, but few truly represents how many people see each published entry in the social network. The number of "likes" and comments - is not reliable indicator. A study by scientists study found that the majority of people grossly underestimate the size of their audience.

Research work was carried out by analysts of information from Stanford University - Michelle Bernstein, Eaton Bakshi, Moira Burke and Brian Carrier. The study showed that each post to Facebook catches the eye in the middle one of the three virtual user's friends. Scientists got these figures by analyzing 220,000 posts in Facebook, made in June 2012, reports The New Jork Times.
Analysts also interviewed people as they evaluate the size of their audience. "People underestimate the amount of permanently its readers," - concluded the researchers.

This is due to the fact that Facebook is constantly changing and modify the algorithm responsible for displaying records in the news. This leads to the fact that people simply do not have time to get used to the changes and adapt to them.

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